St. Matthews Plumbers: Local Kensington, Holland Park, and W8 Postcode Area Washing Machine & Dishwasher Repair Service

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many times in a month, or a year, you use your washing machine or dishwasher? The truth is most people dont think about this because these are appliances that we become so used to having around and regularly using that we never really stop to consider how?much wear and tear we put them through. And, then they stop working correctly. The importance of these appliances to the continued smooth running of our households and schedules become starkly clear when either no longer does what its supposed to. Thats when St. Matthews Plumbers can provide fast help.

Washing Machines

The majority of residents living in the more financially affluent Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea own washing machines. Living busy lives with jobs, hobbies, social engagements, and children with their own active lifestyles, its nearly impossible to go without one. Luckily, washing machines have a long life on average, lasting upwards of 8 years or more before they require serious repair. However, this need for large repair or even replacement could be shortened if they are left in regular use without a maintenance check from time to time.

St. Matthews Plumbers, located all across the Holland Park and Kensington areas, as well as in other parts of the W8 postcode, can easily set up regular maintenance calls at times convenient to the customer. If you notice leaking, unbalanced rattling, or other signs of possible trouble, its best to call in a St. Matthews Plumber to take a look and provide a quick repair, when needed.


Fortunately, dishwashers are even sturdier than washing machines and when in good repair will last a very long time. But, just as washing machines do, a dishwasher does require the occasional servicing just to keep it in top form. Again, if you notice leaking or unusual noises, its best to call out a St. Matthews Plumbers engineer ahead of your scheduled maintenance check to stop small problems from becoming costly larger ones.

Always Available

St. Matthews Plumbers is available 24/7 so that we can ensure our customers have the service or repairs they need as soon as they need them. Unlike larger companies that rely on making money through set pricing, even for the simplest of jobs, St. Matthews Plumbers believes in charging for work done and nothing more. Our customers receive an itemized pricing list before service so they know exactly what to expect as a bill, without hidden fees later on.

All of the work done on your washing machine or dishwasher by the St. Matthews Plumbers company is guaranteed for six months. And, because of the many years of experience and training our servicemen have gone through, were confident that your local St. Matthews Plumbers will become your life long plumbers to count on.

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