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September 1, 2015
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Our company Plumbers Holland Park mentions some basic plumbing glossary that is used by the professional plumbers, which are as follows:

ABS is an abbreviation of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a black stiff pipe used for waste, drain, and vent lines.
Absorption Field
Absorption Field is a parasite field that is devised to receive septic sewage.
Acrylic is a thermoplastic, which is used on the surface of whirlpools and bathtubs.
The Adaptor is used to join two different kinds of pipes together.
Adjusting Link
An adjustable bar forms a strong connection between the tap’s lift rod and the lever of the drain.
The Aerator is a device, which is screwed into a tap’s spout, helps to control water flow and minimize water splashing
Air Admittance Valve
Air Admittance Valve is used to replace an old vent with a new one, which allows air to come inside the waste pipe.
Air Chamber
Air Chamber is a spring coil or a vertical pipe, which is set above the water line to assimilate the pressure when water is turned off. Air Chamber is also used to eliminate water hammering.
Air Volume Control
Air Volume Control helps to maintain the air charge in a storage tank. Always remember Pre-charged tank does not need an air volume control.
Alkalinity is the valuation of elements in a water supply, which actuate alkaline conditions and its retention to neutralize acids.
Ambient Temperature
Ambient Temperature is an average temperature near the locality of an appliance.
The Americast is a blatant process, which uses a crackleware surface, steel material and structural bonded material to create a sink.

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